Lecture 1

Art and design in context 2: Lecture 1

The aim of the course is to record the lectures, and produce a series of “articles” relating to that particular lecture, this could be many different things such as taking notes, capturing the lecture in video or audio. This is very important so we can refer back to the lecture in a later date.

After this we will need to do some research about the topic we have covered in the lecture and produce a 300 word article in any kind of form which can be an animation, film newspaper website etc.

During the 12 lectures we will need to pick 1 main topic and write 1500 words about it. This would be the main article.

In the following weeks I will be recording through my phone the lectures then later writing to you about our lectures which will be about art and design. This course will be about us learning about the history of art and design.  We will also learn about how social and economic events have affected art. I will be writing about the lectures we have in my blog website. I will demonstrate what I have learnt in the lectures through the blog. I will be writing about the history and events that effected art and analyse it.

We will cover in the following lectures the history of print and typography, the history of retail industry, promotional strategies and persuasion. Also we will look at various magazines from the 1980s. We will look into surrealism, graphic art works, animation and drawing and many more art related topics.

I chose to make it in a website form. This will allow the user to click on which lecture they want to see. I will use my blog site in order to put the lectures up. My main topic will also be in this blog aswell.


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