Lecture 5

Lecture 5- Digital Death

This week’s lecture is about Stacy Pitsillidies. She talked to us about digital death and how it affects us in the 21st century. We will compare how it was before and now.

A digital death is either the death of a human being or the death of a digital object.

First of all she showed us some of her works from her years in the university. She showed us a project she had to do and how she chose to make like a virtual world of someone’s death. It was a really nice video and what she showed us was something we do a lot these days. For example when someone dies we use to send flowers go to the ceremony nowadays on Facebook people just post something in there archives like R.I.P granddad or dad or mum and that’s it.

She talked about Jacques Derrida who was a philosopher from the 19th century. He speaks about his passion to about finding what the archive is. I want to research about this Jacques Derrida guy. I think he is a realy good philosopher. According to http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/derrida/ he was the founder of “deconstruction” a way of criticizing not only both literary and philosophical texts but also political institutions. Derrida was born in 1930 in Algeria and later moved to Paris.

Going back to the lecture we looked at an image of a mummy which use to be a person now it’s a mummy. It’s no longer a he or she.

Then we looked at Bernaba Bush from the 19th century aswell. He was also a famous philosopher which he used to talk about the future of digitalisation after the Second World War.

She then talked about how people use social network sites as an archive to show people what you have like images etc.

We looked at Princess Diana’s death in 1999 and how people wrote letters sent flowers etc and compared it to Michael Jacksons death where everyone was posting on their social network wall R.I.P MJ.

Lastly she talked about what will happen to our digital death and we never think about that.


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