Lecture 4

Lecture 4- Architecture and Animation

This week a famous architect called Nick Clear visited and gave us a lecture. He talked to us about architecture and how animation is used in architecting and he showed us his students work.

We spoke about Lord Norman Foster who made the famous London building 30 St Mary Axe, the cupola of the building housing the German Bundestag and the great London authority building. He was a guy where he done the least job for these building but got the most credit in his team. He is a worldwide known architect.  Nick Clear also told us that architecture operates like a very big pyramid.

He also talked about what architectural representation is and how it means orthographic presentation. What I learnt also in this lecture was that architects like complex drawings and buildings. They like it when stuff looks complex.

Another thing I learnt in the lecture was that in a traditional architect drawing space is really important. It will look flat but architects will know how to look at flat drawings and plans. I also learnt that video co-pilot is a great software for film editing and animation.

We looked at a clip of a film. It shows us how an architect communicates there idea. David Finch uses camera in a fantastic way he goes into mechanism etc. Traditional Photography, film making and architecture combining is what David is trying to show in the film. He also used vector works to make an architecture flat drawing to create a narrative story aswell.

Lastly, Nick Clear showed us some videos of his students in University City London. He told us what programs his students use to edit the videos, photos etc. They use Aftereffects and they are skilled in 2d drawing and turning it into virtual.

Lastly he showed us one of his students 3d video. It was called robots in Brixton. This lecture was really fun and I learnt a lot about animation. It was great to see other students work and it made me realize there’s a lot of competition out in the industry.





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