Lecture 3

Art and design in context 2: lecture 3

Today we met with Professor Neil Spiller who is a Surrealist. We looked at his different works and also looked at different surrealist images from other Artists such as Zodiac Mind warp.

In the late 90s Vaughan Oliver and Neil spiller worked together to make a Neil Spiller monograph about the communicating vessels. The project was made in an island where Neil Spiller was born and bought up. He showed us images of the island and his work.

He also spoke about Salvador Dali who made a Lilith sculpture in 1966. Lilith is a bad witch like woman. Lilith is known in religious beliefs Adams first wife. It is believed that she ran off and mated with the devil to create the Lilith.

He also spoke about Gian Lorenzo Bernini from Rome who is a painter, sculpture and architect and is famous for making The Rape of Proserpina and Ecstasy of St Theresa. He was born in 1598 and died at 1680. We also looked at his sculpture which was one of his last Truth Unveiled by Time. It’s like a women turning into a tree which was a belief from a long time ago.

He also spoke about little soft machinery in his work, where symbolism is used in order to make something work. For example an owl is used to symbolise the devil. He showed us one of his works where he does a little soft machinery. This is made with one testicle and a bladder then the outline for the foot of tree.  Little soft machinery is based on a thing in 1926 from little machinery. A lady called Mary riddle wrote a book about the little machinery.

Lastly we talked about the Barones her real name Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. She is a different type of lady. She used to do things that were upsetting people like doing the dada poetry. She never wore a bra. She shaved her hair and dyed it purple. Neil used her ideas and poetry In his project in the Island. 


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